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Clothing Manufacturing in Los Angeles


 We help designers and brands get to market ethically, economically and efficiently. Let us help with your development and production.


Manufacturing Services for emerging Clothing brands

Our apparel development and production team can help with any job no matter how big or small. Choose full package or work à la carte to tailor services that fit the size of your business. We are here for you every step of the way as you grow your fashion brand.


Full Package Development

We can take care of every aspect of garment production. This leaves you with more time for the important things like growing your brand.

Pattern making and Drafting

No matter what development stage you’re at, we can help draft prototypes and more. Need pattern corrects or revisions? We can help.


Sample making service for athletic wear, tailoring, evening wear & more. Got a custom sewing project? Let our in-house sewers take care of it.


Manufacturing Services for emerging Clothing brands


Private Label Development

From start to finish we can help you increase margins with private label.

Quality Control + Trimming 

Your standards are our standards. We are here to help enforce them.


Fabric Sourcing

Finding the right fabrics, trims and hardware can be the hardest part of the job.

Technical Design

A must for easy communication + international production.


Factory Production Services - 100% Made in USA

Marking + Grading 

Pattern ready for production? Next step is marking and grading.


Quality Control + Trimming 

Your standards are our standards. We are here to help enforce them.


Get duplicates of your samples for different sales, PR & archive. 


Wash, Dye + Sublimation

Let us sort out all screen printing, fabric dying and washing for you!

Steam + Press

Successful brands know that for garments to have hanger appeal they need more than just cut + sew.



Designing embroidery for your garment? Let us handle the digitizing and development.

Screen Printing 

Artwork set ups and placement to developing the perfect print.



Prepping your garments for delivery is an important part of the process. 


Brands We Work With